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Emily Wilbourn

Emily Wilbourn is Programme Manager at Asylos. She has a background in research relating to asylum and refugee issues and previously worked at Amnesty International and Freedom from Torture.

The 11th-hour European Court of Human Rights intervention that prevented the first planned removal of asylum seekers from the UK to Rwanda has provided only scant relief to those who may soon find themselves being flown 4,000 miles away to an unknown fate. A fresh attempt to begin removals could occur...

18th July 2022
BY Emily Wilbourn

The Windrush scandal first made headlines in 2018, but the Home Office is now facing intensified public scrutiny over its role in mistakes that caused profound suffering for so many members of the Windrush generation. Calls for accountability have gained renewed urgency in the context of the Black Lives Matter...

16th June 2020
BY Emily Wilbourn
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