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Debora Singer

Debora Singer has worked at Asylum Aid, now part of Migrants Resource Centre, for more than a decade. Her work involves lobbying and campaigning on the rights of women seeking asylum, particularly through the Charter of Rights of Women Seeking Asylum. She is a co-author of Through her eyes: enabling women’s best evidence in UK asylum appeals, newly published by Asylum Aid and NatCen. In 2012 Debora was awarded an MBE for services to women seeking asylum.

New research helps practitioners identify best practice in representing female asylum seekers writes Debora Singer MBE, Senior Policy Adviser at Asylum Aid. What do women who have been through the asylum appeals process think of their legal representative? I liked the last experience … everyone was so positive … we’re...

8th December 2017
BY Debora Singer

The key reason why women are refused asylum in Europe is because they are not believed. So let’s imagine a woman comes to the UK to seek protection from human rights abuses. Let’s call her Malaika. Chances are that Malaika will have experienced some form of sexual violence before she...

16th June 2015
BY Debora Singer
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