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The Free Movement reader survey is back for 2023: how are we doing?

Who are you? What do you want? To find out, we are running another reader survey. Long-time followers of Free Movement may remember that we’ve done this several times in the past. More specifically, in 2013, 2016 (online and email), 2018 and 2020. We’ve taken action on the back of previous results, including recruiting a dedicated training editor, expanding our range of training and how we deliver it, introducing subject-specific newsletters, expanding our OISC coverage, changing up the way we did podcasts and writing or commissioning more ‘how to’ style articles.

We have four staff now and we pay our contributors. We are thinking about expand our capacity a bit further in the coming months. We’re thinking about running more live training sessions given that the OISC level 1 ones have gone well so far and been well-received. We want to get our coverage of different issues right for the audience who read us. So we’re very interested in how you all think we are doing now and what you would like us to do differently. We know that not everything we do can please all of our readers all of the time but it’s really helpful to get an idea of what our readership think we’re getting right or wrong and what we could do better or differently.

Also, Sonia has just taken over as the new Editor and she’s very keen to hear from you all.

No, really, she is.

If you have suggestions or thoughts beyond the questions we ask in the survey, there is a free text box you can use at the end to let us know, or you can always email us.

We’re really grateful to those who make the time for this — thank you. I’ve also still got some spare hardback copies of Welcome to Britain up on my bookshelf and I’d be delighted to sign and send them out to a few people we’ll select at random from the feedback forms.

We’ll be sending out the form by email as well. We’ll chase a few times over the next week to try and get as many responses as possible and then we’ll close the survey next Monday, once it has been open for a full week.

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Colin Yeo

Colin Yeo

Immigration and asylum barrister, blogger, writer and consultant at Garden Court Chambers in London and founder of the Free Movement immigration law website.