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Business travel between the UK and EU: immigration and visa rules

Before 1 January 2021, British and EU citizens did not require a visa to travel across the Channel on a business trip. This is largely still the case post-Brexit, so we’ve been left with the appearance that nothing has really changed from a legal pe ...

28th March 2022 By

Immigration Rule PA 7: short-term work on a visit visa

British businesses have long relied on workers from the European Union to come in for short or medium-term projects. Before Brexit, this was frictionless from an immigration perspective. People arrived, people worked, people left and businesses were h ...

6th October 2021 By

EU citizens are being denied entry to the UK – what are the visa rules for visitors?

Travel to the UK is opening back up, but not as we previously knew it. The news has been replete with examples of EU citizens being denied entry at UK airports and detained for removal. These stories are nothing new to jaded non-European ears. But for ...

21st May 2021 By

The row over post-Brexit visas for musicians, explained

Furious musicians have gathered over 260,000 signatures on a petition to the British government asking for a “Europe-wide visa-free work permit for touring professionals and artists”. In response, the government claims that “during our negotiati ...

19th January 2021 By

Owning a Premier League football club, and other permitted business activities for visitors

Chelsea Football Club owner Roman Abramovich, whose Tier 1 Investor visa is apparently subject to processing delays, has reportedly been granted Israeli citizenship. The media coverage of the Russian billionaire’s visa woes heavily implies that ...

31st May 2018 By

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