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The Chambers and Partners listings for 2017 were released last week and Garden Court Chambers has retained its position as the only top ranked London set of chambers for immigration law. The write up is very flattering: The foremost set leading the way at the London Immigration Bar, Garden Court...

8th November 2016
BY Colin Yeo

The annual round of introspection, self-congratulation, envy and feigned indifference that is the publication of the Chambers and Partners lawyer rankings has arrived again. The immigration team at Garden Court has done very well once more, both collectively and with many individuals receiving individual rankings as well. You can read...

3rd November 2015
BY Colin Yeo

Band 1 | Garden Court Chambers THE SET This impressively sized set leads the way at the London Immigration Bar, and offers an unrivalled range of capabilities across all types of work. Specialist areas of expertise include national security, family and child immigration and asylum matters. Sources say: “Their approachability...

31st October 2014
BY Colin Yeo

This post is a brief summary of the removals and nationality provisions of the Immigration Act 2014, and is accompanied by an audio extract from a seminar given by Colin Yeo, Sadat Sayeed, Mark Symes and I at Garden Court Chambers on 13 August 2014, at which I spoke on...

18th August 2014
BY Bijan Hoshi

In Detention Action v Secretary of State for the Home Department [2014] EWHC 2245, Ouseley J considered a challenge to the lawfulness of the policy and practice applied by the Secretary of State in the operation of the detained fast track and concluded that it ‘carries with it too high...

15th July 2014
BY Bijan Hoshi

In partnership with Legal Action Group, Garden Court Chambers’ Public Law Team is pleased to present an up-to-date overview of all aspects of public law, together with cutting-edge strategies for securing positive outcomes. Click image for full details and programme.

21st June 2014
BY Garden Court Chambers

[UPDATE: blog post on how the hearing went here] The hearing of the test case challenge to the spouse minimum income rules is approaching and the team behind the challenge seek information about how decisions are being handled at the moment by Entry Clearance Officers on the ground. We would...

13th February 2014
BY Navi Ahluwalia

We are all very proud at Garden Court Chambers that the fantastic and inspiring Stephanie Harrison QC last night won Liberty‘s Human Rights Lawyer of the Year award. She was cited for her prowess as an advocate for human rights and commitment to progressing the rights of immigrants and asylum...

26th November 2013
BY Colin Yeo

The Court of Appeal has held that a different test applies to children in human rights health cases. These difficult cases involve a person seeking to remain in the UK in order to receive life-saving medical treatment not available in his or her home country. The recent case of Rose...

23rd October 2013
BY Colin Yeo

Regular Free Movement readers will have noted the recent addition of the Garden Court Chambers logo to Free Movement at the top of the sidebar and some excellent recent posts by some of my new colleagues, Ronan Toal, Greg Ó Ceallaigh and Taimour Lay. There will be further future contributions...

21st October 2013
BY Colin Yeo
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