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Could Donald Trump be given a visa ban preventing him travelling to the UK?

Following his attention seeking call for all Muslims to be banned from entering the United States, there have been calls for Donald Trump to be given a “visa ban” preventing him from coming to the UK. Is this feasible in UK immigration la ...

9th December 2015 By

First successful entry clearance appeal on Article 10 free speech grounds

Jeremy Corbyn may be having a tough time since becoming leader of the Labour Party, but he can at least take some satisfaction in getting one over Theresa May in the Court of Appeal. The background facts are that a group of MPs and a peer had invited ...

1st December 2015 By

Court of Appeal upholds exclusion from UK of anti Muslim speakers at English Defence League rally

The case of R (On the Application Of Geller & Anor) v The Secretary of State for the Home Department [2015] EWCA Civ 45 was an application to the Court of Appeal against a refusal by the Upper Tribunal to grant permission for judicial review by P ...

10th February 2015 By

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