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Human beings crossing the English Channel are making headlines again. The number of people who reach the UK via this extremely difficult, dangerous but lawful route is minuscule, and the total number claiming international protection here insignificant compared with the situation in many other countries, yet these stories continue to...

12th August 2020
BY Chris Desira

Page contentsThe refugee definitionEngagement of the CJEU with asylum issuesDifferences between UK and EU asylum lawFuture influence of the CJEU on UK asylum law Subsidiary protectionArticle 15(c)Rights of subsidiary protectees Inglorious isolation The refugee definition Engagement of the CJEU with asylum issues Since the jurisdiction of the Court of Justice...

29th December 2017
BY Colin Yeo

Page contentsSelective participation in CEASNorway, Switzerland and the Common European Asylum System UK and Denmark and the Common European Asylum SystemProspects for future UK selective participation The end of DublinWhy does the UK like the Dublin system?Legal evolution of the Dublin systemDoes leaving the EU mean leaving the Dublin system?Impact...

28th December 2017
BY Colin Yeo

The issue of asylum and the refugee crisis in Europe played a very significant part in the debate on Britain’s continuing membership of the European Union in the run up to the Brexit referendum in June 2016. Many commentators consider that the issue of immigration proved decisive, in fact, and...

27th December 2017
BY Colin Yeo
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