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Last month, two new visa concessions were added to the Hong Kong British Nationals (overseas) (BN(O)) route. You can read about them in more detail in the Home Office guidance. Leave outside the rules where financial or residency requirements cannot be met The second amendment extends the concession that enables...

4th May 2023
BY Josie Laidman

The Home Office has published a new statement of changes to the Immigration Rules (HC 719). The explanatory memorandum confirms that the changes are largely focused on the government’s continued efforts to simplify the rules, and on implementing policy changes that have recently been put in place. The majority of...

19th October 2022
BY Josie Laidman

Immigration rules setting up a UK visa scheme for British National (Overseas) citizens in Hong Kong were published as part of a statement of changes on 22 October 2020. This article sets out the rules for the BNO visa scheme. (The Home Office abbreviation is “BN(O)”, which we will use...

28th October 2020
BY John Vassiliou

In this briefing we look at the British National (Overseas) citizenship status held by an estimated 2.9 million people in Hong Kong. Before we begin, a quick reminder that there are six different types of British nationality: British citizenship British Overseas Territories citizenship British Overseas Citizenship British Subject status British National...

7th July 2020
BY John Vassiliou

In a statement to Parliament today about Hong Kong, Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab confirmed a new bespoke UK immigration route for British National (Overseas) citizens and their dependants. BNO status is a previously obscure form of British nationality held by an estimated 2.9 million people in Hong Kong that until...

1st July 2020
BY John Vassiliou
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