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Immigration update podcast, episode 7


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Welcome to the July 2014 edition of the Free Movement immigration update podcast. As normal, the material for the podcast is drawn from blog posts on Free Movement. There was a huge amount of new material on the blog in July so I’ve had to be selective in what to cover this month, and even then the podcast weighs in at over 33 minutes. I focus on the new deportation appeal regime and on a slew of interesting cases. New month I’ll cover the recent immigration rule changes and commencement of the statutory human rights considerations. The material follows the order of links to content below.

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Apologies for the different sound levels and elevated background noise in the main part of the podcast. I’m not quite sure how that happened and my editing skills are insufficient to address it post production!

Deportation appeals

Immigration Act 2014: first Commencement Order  —  14 July 2014

Serious and irreversible harm and deportation appeals  —  28 July 2014

Out of country deportation appeal certificates and existing appeals  —  28 July 2014


Outcome of MM minimum income case in Court of Appeal  —  11 July 2014

Court of appeal guidance on best interests of migrant children  —  4 July 2014

Court of Appeal judgment critical of expert commenting on refusal letter  —  10 July 2014

Legal Aid residence test found unlawful. Big time.  —  15 July 2014

Detained fast track as presently operated unlawful  —  15 July 2014

No recourse to public funds challenges  —  1 July 2014

Proxy marriage and domicile  —  21 July 2014

Conditional discharge is not a conviction. Duh.  —  18 July 2014

Difference between domestic and EU law on deportation  —  17 July 2014

New Libya Country Guidance asylum case  —  16 July 2014

Reports and news

From ABC to DSSH: How to prove that you are a gay refugee?  —  23 July 2014

Report shows flaws in Home Office asylum reasoning  —  22 July 2014

Discretionary registration of children as British  —  14 July 2014

HMIP: Amnesty International website blocked for immigration detainees  —  9 July 2014

HM Inspector of Prisons report on Dover IRC and Rule 35  —  8 July 2014

Refusal rate for Syrian visa applications to UK  —  8 July 2014

New UNHCR Handbook on Protection of Statelessness Persons  —  7 July 2014

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Immigration and asylum barrister, blogger, writer and consultant at Garden Court Chambers in London and founder of the Free Movement immigration law website.