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Free Movement is on holiday – back 2 August
Credit: Link Hoang on Unsplash

Free Movement is on holiday – back 2 August

Both the editor and deputy editor are away on holiday during the week beginning 26 July 2021, so the website will go quiet for one week. We’ll be back up and running on Monday 2 August.

Free Movement’s administrator will be on hand to support members with any issues logging into your account etc. Legal services are likewise still up and running. The weekly newsletter this coming Monday 26th will go out as usual. We just won’t post any new articles in the next five working days — unless something massive happens, of course.

The Supreme Court is due to give judgment in the case of BF (Eritrea) on Friday 30 July, the last day of our hiatus, so we currently plan to cover that first thing on the Monday morning.

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