Urgent Injunction Applications (Advanced)

CPD Points: 2

Length of course: 2 hours

About this course

This course was last updated in August 2019.

This course equips solicitors and barristers with the knowledge and skills they need to secure just outcomes for their clients and to minimise the chances of judicial criticism. It covers:

• the ethics of ex parte applications

• strategic considerations when dealing with the Home Office in the run up to a removal

• Home Office policy on judicial review and deferring removal

• particular problems around charter flights

• the mechanics of making an application at the Upper Tribunal or High Court

• what happens once the application is made

• how to deal with out of hours situations if, despite your best efforts, such a situation arises

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You can check out the course contents below.

Module 1 Ethics
Unit 1 Introduction to urgent injunctions  
Unit 2 The Codes of Conduct  
Unit 3 Analysis of case law  
Module 2 Strategy
Unit 1 Is there an underlying case to remain in the UK?  
Unit 2 Strategy and use of deadlines  
Module 3 Home Office policies
Unit 1 Policy on notice periods  
Unit 2 Exceptions to the normal policy on notice and deferral  
Module 4 Mechanics of making an application
Unit 1 Office hours urgent application  
Unit 2 Out of hours urgent application  
Unit 3 If an injunction is granted  
Unit 4 Podcast interview with Jawaid Luqmani  
Unit 5 Final Quiz  
Unit 6 Feedback form  

Modules within this course..

  1. Ethics

    The ethical and professional obligations arising in ex parte applications, including case law.
  2. Strategy

    Strategic considerations when dealing with urgent injunction applications, in particular how to deal with the Home Office, ensuring applications are made at the earliest feasible juncture and the issues around charter flights.
  3. Home Office policies

    Home Office policies on giving notice of removal, suspending removal in response to some judicial review applications, exceptions to that policy and charter flights
  4. Mechanics of making an application

    The mechanics and practicalities of making an urgent injunction application, including an out of hours application.
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