Refugee Law in the UK (Introductory)

CPD Points: 3

Length of course: 3 hours

About this course

This course was last updated in September 2022.

The 1951 UN Convention on the Status of Refugees is said to be the legal instrument that has saved the most lives in human history. Understanding its terms and how it operates in practice in the refugee status determination process is critically important for any lawyer or adviser practising in refugee and asylum law.

This online course provides an accessible guide to the meaning of the refugee definition. It includes practical insight into how it operates in practice in the UK, and offers common arguments, scenarios and worked examples to try and give life to the definition. It also looks briefly at the cessation, exclusion and refoulement clauses of the Convention.

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Modules within this course..

  1. Introduction

    Introduction to the Convention definition and sources of interpretation.

  2. Well-founded fear

    Introduction to standard of proof, truthfulness and future risk.

  3. Of being persecuted

    Introduction to actors and acts of persecution, human rights analysis and the role of Convention reasons.

  4. Convention reasons

    Introduction to the five Convention reasons, attribution and causation.

  5. Protection and relocation

    Introduction to system and sufficiency of protection, extent of the duty to protect, and internal relocation.

  6. Cessation, exclusion and refoulement

    Introduction to cessation, exclusion and refoulement, and expulsion.

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