Fresh Claims by Asylum Seekers (Intermediate)

CPD Points: 2

Length of course: 2 hours

About this course

This course was last updated in December 2022.

Only a relatively small number of asylum seekers who have their claims for asylum refused and/or lose their appeal are forcibly removed. Government policy is to cut off their accommodation and support and hope that they leave the UK of their own volition. The reality is that some remain in the UK, and some will make a subsequent claim for protection.

This is often referred to as making a “fresh claim” for asylum. In fact, the process involves making further submissions to the Home Office to argue that the material presented this time round is significantly different from the first time round. Only if this test is met will the further submissions actually amount to a fresh claim.

This course covers the making of further submissions with a view to having them recognised as a fresh asylum claim. We will look into the law and process, and what legal representatives should consider in order to present the best case for their clients.

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Modules within this course..

  1. Law and process

    This module introduces the fresh claims process and the law set out at paragraph 353 of the Immigration Rules.

  2. Fresh claims in practice

    This module looks at the practical steps and considerations for legal representatives when preparing fresh submissions for a client.

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