EU Settlement Scheme (Introductory)

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Length of course: 3 hours

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This course was last updated in August 2023.

There were thought to be between three to four million EU citizens and their family members living in the UK, although nobody was quite sure of the exact numbers. As the EU Settlement Scheme has now received over seven million applications, it can be safely said that the original estimates were some way off.

As a result of Brexit, almost all EU citizens and their family members needed to apply for a new immigration status by 30 June 2021 to continue living legally in the UK. With very few exceptions, anyone who had not applied for an immigration status by the deadline will be living unlawfully in the UK from that point. Those who have applied (including those who applied late) are provided temporary rights whilst they await their decisions. This includes the right to work and access the NHS.

The Scheme will continue to run for many years. Not least because eligible family members who are not living in the UK by the end of 2020 can still apply to join EU sponsors who have status under the Scheme.

This course provides an overview of the system under which EU citizens and their families can acquire status under the Scheme, including those who are applying after the deadlines. You can check out the course contents below.

Module 1What is the EU Settlement Scheme?
Unit 1Overview 
Unit 2“Settled” and “pre-settled” status 
Unit 3Does pre-settled status expire? 
Unit 4How does the EU Settlement Scheme work? 
Unit 5Late applications 
Module 2Application process for EU nationals
Unit 1The smartphone app 
Unit 2The online form 
Unit 3Consideration and decision 
Unit 4Children’s applications 
Module 3Family members and joining family members of EU citizens/British citizens and Carers
Unit 1Introduction 
Unit 2Which family members can apply? 
Unit 3How family members apply 
Unit 4Joining family members 
Unit 5Family members of British citizens 
Unit 6Carers 
Module 4Refusals
Unit 1Eligibility refusals 
Unit 2Suitability refusals 
Unit 3Administrative review 
Unit 4New applications 
Unit 5Appeal rights 
Unit 6Final quiz 

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Modules within this course..

  1. What is the EU Settlement Scheme?

    All about the EU Settlement Scheme

  2. Application process for EU nationals

    How to apply for settled and pre-settled status

  3. Family members and joining family members of EU citizens/British citizens and Carers

    Family members and joining family members of EU citizens/British citizens and Carers

  4. Refusals

    Reasons and modes of challenge

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