Deportation (Advanced)

CPD Points: 5

Length of course: 5 hours

About this course

This course was last updated in June 2023.

Welcome to our course on deportation law! We cover the law and rules on deportation of non EU and EU citizens, including the complex statutory framework, overlapping immigration rules, automatic deportation, revocation of deportation orders, out of country appeals and leading case law. We used worked examples throughout and offer optional deep dive analysis of the more complex bits of law.

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Module 1 Statutory framework for deportation
Unit 1 What is a deportation order?  
Unit 2 Triggers for and exceptions to deportation: summary  
Unit 3 Basic power and basic exceptions  
Unit 4 "Automatic" deportation  
Unit 5 Statutory considerations in deportation appeals  
Unit 6 Immigration Rules on making a deportation order  
Module 2 Deportation and the European Convention on Human Rights
Unit 1 Can non-statutory considerations still be considered?  
Unit 2 Strasbourg key cases on relevant considerations  
Unit 3 UK key cases on relevant considerations  
Unit 4 Gathering evidence in support of an appeal  
Module 3 Deportation under EU law
Unit 1 Who is protected by the Agreements?  
Unit 2 Levels of protection against deportation in EU law, as saved  
Unit 3 Derived rights of residence and deportation  
Unit 4 Immigration (European Economic Area) Regulations 2016, as saved  
Unit 5 Gathering evidence in an EU appeal  
Module 4 Out of country appeals
Unit 1 Out of country human rights appeals  
Unit 2 Out of country EU law appeals  
Unit 3 Final quiz  

Modules within this course..

  1. Statutory framework for deportation

    Covering the legal power to deport a foreign national, the exceptions to the power to deport, the law on automatic deportations, the deportation framework in the Immigration Act 2014 and the Immigration Rules relating to deportation.
  2. Deportation and the European Convention on Human Rights

    Covering non-statutory considerations on non-EU deportation, and the key cases on the relevant considerations in deportation cases.
  3. Deportation under EU law

    Covering deportation of EU citizens and their family members under the Citizens Directive and under the Immigration (European Economic Area) Regulations 2016.
  4. Out of country appeals

    Covering out of country appeals for both non EU and EU nationals including statutory framework, Home Office guidance and exceptions and key cases such as Kiarie and Byndloss.
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