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Frances Timberlake

Frances Timberlake has worked since 2016 on policy analysis, advocacy and community organising relating to the UK-France border. She formerly worked as the UK Research and Policy Co-ordinator for Refugee Rights Europe where she co-founded the now independent UK-France-Belgium Crossborder Forum. She currently works at the European Network on Statelessness. The views expressed here are her own.

This month marks twenty years since the signing of one of the most significant Franco-British treaties in the last 50 years, the Le Touquet treaty. Whilst Le Touquet, a seaside town on the northern French coast one hour from Calais, may conjure images of calm beaches where Macron escapes Paris...

28th February 2023
BY Frances Timberlake

Priti Patel’s announcement of her “New Plan for Immigration” left many of us wondering what semblance of planning had gone into the proposals. The consultation that closed on 6 May raises similar questions given the misleading format of the survey, the short response timeframe and the lack of engagement with...

19th May 2021
BY Frances Timberlake
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