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Sarah Wahby

Sarah Wahby is a IAAS level 2 Caseworker at Turpin Miller assisting unaccompanied children through the asylum process. Previously, Sarah worked internationally with NGOs and academic institutions in Egypt and the UK. Her interest lies in combining advocacy with psychosocial practice to better support people seeking safety.

This article reviews some common cross-cultural pitfalls between legal representatives and young people claiming asylum. It also provides some ideas on how to mitigate cultural misunderstandings. Going into your initial meeting, a basic understanding of your client’s culture is helpful to build trust and a good rapport. It is not...

19th January 2023
BY Sarah Wahby

It is often not possible to mitigate additional distress when working with children given the nature of the asylum regime and the need to explore the hardest moments in your client’s life. This post gives some ideas on how to mitigate this distress when helping a child prepare an asylum...

17th November 2022
BY Sarah Wahby
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