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Samina Iqbal is barrister at Goldsmith Chambers. She is a senior public law and immigration practitioner with over 20 years’ experience, having specialised since 2000 in immigration law with a background in family law.

Ali v The Home Office [2022] EWHC 866 (QB) is a successful appeal against the Central London County Court’s decision to dismiss the false imprisonment claim of a recognised Afghan refugee, detained for 98 days under the Detained Fast Track process in 2015. Larry has previously covered the County Court decision, which...

21st April 2022
BY Samina Iqbal

Geci (EEA Regs: transitional provisions, appeal rights) Albania [2021] UKUT 285 (IAC) is another appeal under the Immigration (European Economic Area) Regulations 2016, but with “highly unusual” facts. Mr Geci had returned to the UK in breach of a deportation order (twice). Rather than seeking to enforce the deportation order,...

26th November 2021
BY Samina Iqbal

Non-EU citizens can potentially have a deportation order against them revoked where they have acquired or could acquire rights as family members of EU nationals. Such opportunities will continue to be relevant to a specific group of people for some years to come. This post will try to unravel this...

30th June 2021
BY Samina Iqbal

Recently the Law Society Gazette ran an article by Yewa Holiday, a barrister and a case review manager at the Criminal Cases Review Commission (CCRC), which highlighted the plight of asylum seekers and refugees wrongly convicted after being advised to plead guilty to offences relating to their entry to the...

9th August 2012
BY Samina Iqbal

Theresa May announced substantive changes to the immigration rules, which would limit the number of immigrants entering the UK on the basis of marriage or having family members here. Some of the changes, coming into force on the 9th July 2012, were covered by Samina Iqbal and Nishan Paramjorthy, at...

20th June 2012
BY Samina Iqbal

UPDATE: correct link added for training notes Omotunde (best interests – Zambrano applied – Razgar) Nigeria [2011] UKUT 00247 (IAC) This case has already been mentioned on the blog but a closer look is warranted as it gives an idea of how the domestic courts are applying the principles in...

11th November 2011
BY Samina Iqbal
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