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Jo Wilding is a barrister at Garden Court and a researcher at the University of Sussex, specialising in legal aid and access to legal advice. She has written extensively on the legal aid market and the geographies of access to immigration legal advice. Her latest report, with Refugee Action, looks at demand for and provision of legal advice in all areas of the UK:

At least 51% of asylum applicants in England and Wales – 37,450 people – are now unable to find a legal aid lawyer. That is the deficit between the number of new legal aid cases opened (‘matters’) and the number of new applications for asylum. This analysis comes from Freedom...

25th October 2023
BY Jo Wilding

Many in the immigration and legal aid sectors are heartily sick of “engaging” with government departments and responding to various consultations, but I want to encourage everyone to respond to this one. The Ministry of Justice is consulting on future legal aid fees for the next contract tender, in light...

22nd June 2022
BY Jo Wilding

Kent Law Clinic has published a new report, How Children Become Failed Asylum Seekers, which needs to be read by anyone representing children in asylum cases. Taking the files of 25 “failed asylum seekers” who had arrived in Kent as children, they reviewed the decision making process of the Home...

20th August 2014
BY Jo Wilding

Asylum Aid has published a new report, Even If… The use of the Internal Protection Alternative in asylum decisions in the UK, analysing the reasoning on internal protection or internal relocation in Home Office asylum decisions, identifying a number of failings appearing frequently in the decisions read for the research....

22nd July 2014
BY Jo Wilding

A new report from Women For Refugee Women (‘WFRW’) sheds a sickening light on the conditions for women asylum seekers detained in Yarl’s Wood IRC. 70 per cent of the women they interviewed that were guarded by men said that the very presence of male staff made them feel uncomfortable....

3rd February 2014
BY Jo Wilding
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