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Irene Tsherit

Irene is a chartered legal executive at the Migrant and Refugee Children’s Legal Unit (MiCLU), Islington Law Centre

The Upper Tribunal has confirmed that a recognised victim of trafficking who is also an asylum seeker, partly fearing re-trafficking on return as well as political persecution, should have been granted permission to stay (leave to remain) whilst their asylum claim was pending, in line with findings in R (KTT)...

16th February 2023
BY Irene Tsherit

In its ongoing drive to reduce Channel crossings, the government has set its sights on arrivals from a “safe and prosperous” Albania. A marked increase in Albanian arrivals via the Channel have been reported over the past year, prompting the former Home Secretary to seek further agreement with the Albanian...

23rd September 2022
BY Irene Tsherit
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