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ILPA is the Immigration Law Practitioners Association, a membership organisation established in 1984 by a group of leading immigration law practitioners to promote and improve the advising and representation of immigrants, provide information to members and others on domestic and European immigration, asylum and nationality law and secure a non-racist, non-sexist, just and equitable system of immigration refugee and nationality law practice.

Page contentsThe Impact of BrexitIntroductionThe UK’s main optionsProcess of withdrawalImpact on UK citizens in the remaining EU and EU citizens in the UK The Impact of Brexit By Steve Peers, University of Essex, 17 May 2016 Introduction What would happen if the UK left the EU? In each case, that...

6th June 2016

Page contentsThe implications of UK withdrawal for immigration policy and nationality law: Irish aspectsIntroductionThe common travel areaOverviewCurrent arrangementsImplications of withdrawalThe status of Irish citizens in the UK OverviewCurrent arrangementsImplications of withdrawalConclusionsReferences The implications of UK withdrawal for immigration policy and nationality law: Irish aspects By Bernard Ryan, Professor of Law,...

5th June 2016

Page contentsFree Movement and Criminal LawIntroductionDeporting EU citizens: criminal law as a limit to protection against expulsion and exclusionChecking EU citizens’ criminal records: the EU criminal record exchange systemBringing to justice individuals fleeing prosecution or custody: the European Arrest Warrant systemPreventing the entry of individuals deemed to pose security threats:...

3rd June 2016

Page contentsEU Citizens’ Access to Welfare Benefits: Past, Present and FutureIntroductionThe eligibility rules for EU citizensHow the rules developed over timeChanges since 2014Universal CreditFuture changes to in-work benefitsThe main types of benefitsWhen can EU citizens claim benefits? – a summaryEU citizens excluded from benefitsHousing AssistanceConclusionsFurther Reading EU Citizens’ Access to...

2nd June 2016

Page contentsEU free movement in practice at home and abroadIntroduction Treaty provisions on free movement for EU citizensWho determines who is a citizen of the Union?What rights does EU citizenship bring to individuals?What about the wider and economic benefits of EU citizenship?Setting up a businessEducation and researchSharing of personal dataMobile...

1st June 2016

Page contentsRights of Entry and ResidenceIntroductionRights of entry and residenceExclusion and expulsionCitizenshipFuture enlargement Rights of Entry and Residence By Steve Peers, University of Essex, 17 May 2016 Introduction The free movement of EU citizens to the UK (and vice versa) is a key feature of the UK’s EU membership. However,...

31st May 2016

Page contentsFree movement of persons and the single marketIntroductionContext of free movementTable 1 – Top 6 recent countries of origin for EU migrants, 2011-2015The four freedomsRules on free movementThe relevant Treaty provisionsCitizenship of the UnionUK’s ‘New Settlement’ dealThe key rightsThe right to leave, to enter and to resideThe right to...

30th May 2016

Sovereignty and legitimacy: the UK and the EU By Adrian Berry, barrister, Garden Court Chambers and Rowena Moffatt, barrister, Doughty Street Chambers, 29 April 2016 Introduction The relationship between the UK and the EU raises issues about the UK as a sovereign power, and as to the legitimacy of the...

27th May 2016
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