Eye of a Needle

Looks interesting: “The UK is like the Holy Grail and they’re all expecting the crusades. We have to give it to them.” Laurence loves to go out, get wrecked and rave to dubstep. He pays for it with a job at UK Immigration Control. Deciding who does or doesn’t get to stay in the country […]

Dignity has no nationality: Our Day 2013

It is inevitable that the poor treatment of migrants today will be our dishonour tomorrow. Great video and Our Day website from Migrants Rights Network for UN International Migrants Day.

Papers, Please

From The Guardian write up: Casting you as a border guard for a fictitious eastern European republic, your job is to decide whether a succession of would-be immigrants have the right paperwork to get through. Presented in charming 8-bit style, it’s all good fun to start with, but the longer you play, the more the […]

How Your Passport Is Made

http://youtu.be/Ha5VPXZ3ILs Somewhat improved use of social media by the Home Office in my view. It is fascinating to see so many of those precious little purple books flying through the machinery. I actually enjoyed this, I admit! I need to get out more…

George the Poet: ‘Go Home’

George the Poet

Another video for Friday afternoon, this one via The Guardian. Absolutely brilliant. I only wish I could somehow make Mark Harper watch it.

Southall Black Sisters confront UK Border Agency

Southall Black Sisters in action

Southall Black Sisters are even more fantastic than they were before. If that is even possible. After all the miserable immigration propaganda the Government has been pumping out this is a much needed breath of fresh air.

Divided families video

Fantastic video by Maryam Tafakory about the effect of the minimum income rule for spouses. Hat tip to Migrants Rights Network.

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