New Banksy immigration mural destroyed because it was racist

Banksy immigration mural

So Banksy’s new immigration themed mural in Clacton — where Douglas Carswell has resigned as Conservative MP to stand in a by election for UKIP — has been destroyed by the local council before anyone else even knew it was there on the grounds that it was “offensive” and “racist”. Stop the world, I want to […]

Refusal rate for Syrian visa applications to UK

Syrian visa refusal rate chart

  I was just taking a look at the official immigration statistics to compare refusal rates for different nationalities. This jumped out at me, though: the refusal rate for visa applications by Syrians now stands at 57%. There was a 16 percentage point jump in the refusal rate between 3rd and 4th quarters 2011 and […]

Warzone: tales from the asylum frontline

This film looks interesting, and I’ve agreed to participate in a panel discussion beforehand, it being literally just round the corner from where I live in East Finchley. Full details and tickets here.

Lampedusa tragedy

Migrants will not stop coming to Europe in search of a better life no matter how many sea patrols the politicians send. Families will not allow themselves to be torn apart no matter how tough the immigration rules get. Our politicians are fighting basic human needs and basic human nature. Terrible tragedies follow.

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