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Statement of changes HC 1118: new and improved UK work visas

No set of amendments to the Immigration Rules is complete without tweaks and additions to the ever-expanding Points Based Immigration System, and statement of changes HC 1118 is no exception. In addition to the changes already outlined by CJ, there ar ...

17th March 2022 By

How excited should we be about the new High Potential Individual visa?

Since the announcement of the new High Potential Individual route as part of the UK Innovation Strategy, there’s been considerable buzz about what it will mean for graduates around the world seeking to move to the UK. Until the new route is mapped o ...

4th August 2021 By

UK government promises new “high potential” visa with no job offer required

“High potential individuals” will in future be able to come to the UK to work without a job offer, the government has announced. The move, building on previous promises to provide an unsponsored work route under the Points Based Immigratio ...

23rd July 2021 By

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