Author: Colin Yeo

Last updated: May 2020

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Naturalising as a British citizen: a guide


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In 2019, 160,000 foreign nationals became British citizens. Around 4% of applications were rejected, the majority because of failure to meet the “good character” or residence requirements.

This comprehensive but accessible ebook guides applicants for British citizenship though the naturalisation process successfully, helping them to avoid potential pitfalls. We explain what the legal requirements are, which rules are flexible and which rules are mandatory and cover residence requirements, excess absences, breach of immigration laws and good character issues in depth. Examples and case studies are used throughout to illustrate complex points.

You can download the first few pages for free (click here), including the contents pages.


Download problems

The downloaded pdf version only opens the front cover. Could you please possibly email me this please?
By Tariq Nawaz

Informative and Helpful Details. Thanks

Informative and Helpful details. I was ‘in the process’ of gathering information about retirement and migration to UK. A great starting point for anyone seriously consider in movement.
By sivarnee

Excellent compact guide to relevant law

This book is great. It is really useful for those who are going through the process of applying for naturalisation as it is clear and concise yet with enough detail to signpost practitioners to further resources.
By Olivia Davison

A very complete guide

I found this guide very complete, addressing all different aspects required to submit a (hopefully) successful application. All requirements are exploited in detail, including potential weakness to be well considered. Really a "must have".
By Franco Pin

easy to understand

i am so pleased that book is very informative to fill naturalition form,aslo provide examples which makes the job very well. i recommend to all who is not awear of new changes in uk law. thanks for this great E BOOK
By s munir

Ebook on Naturalisation

it is quite a detailed and helpful booklet for practitioners, covers almost all topics which are looked at in practice.
By Ehsan

Naturalisation Guide E-Book

Excellent. I've just started to research applying for British citizenship, this e-book was the first thing I read on the subject. It provides a very good, clear summary, I understand what I need to do now. Strongly recommended and well worth the money!
By Dunja Selbach

Very Useful Guide

A detailed, simple to understand and useful guide. Thank you
By tanvirqamar