OISC Level 2 course: immigration and asylum online training

Online small group tutored sessions now available. Two sessions per week for four weeks, with an expert tutor.  Book place now Our comprehensive online immigration law training course covers the OISC Level 2 immigration and asylum syllabuses with worked examples, infographics, over 100 self-test questions, exam tips and more. It is aimed at level 1 […]

Working with Interpreters (Introductory)

This course was published in March 2023. It was created by Shelley Purchon, Director of English Unlocked. This course is aimed at people who work with public service interpreters, including immigration advisors, solicitors, barristers and the judiciary. It covers both face-to-face and telephone interpreting. In this course you will learn where to seat everyone, how […]

Professional Conduct and Ethics in Immigration Advice (Introductory)

This course was published in November 2022. This course has been developed as a practical skills course for professionals providing immigration advice. This is particularly important for immigration lawyers who often represent vulnerable clients and are expected to conform to a high level of professional standards. We will look at the different codes of conduct […]

Best Practice in Immigration Case Working (Introductory)

This course was last updated in September 2020. A practical guide to managing a client’s immigration case day-to-day, aside from the legal issues. The course is only available to paying members of Free Movement. If you are not already a member, you can join here and access not just this course but all of our courses. Membership starts […]

Costs in Immigration Cases (Advanced)

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This course was last updated in April 2020. In increasingly hard times, winning costs in immigration litigation is increasingly vital for commercial survival. This course covers the CPR on costs, the different types of costs, case law on costs, submissions on costs and tips on pursuing a favourable costs outcome. We cover costs in tribunal […]

Social Media for Lawyers (Introductory)

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This course was last updated in October 2019. Get the most out of social media with a strategic approach. This course covers the reasons to use social media (and some reasons not to…), the basic principles of how social media works what others expect to see, how to sign up to different platforms and how […]

Urgent Injunction Applications (Advanced)

This course was last updated in August 2019. This course equips solicitors and barristers with the knowledge and skills they need to secure just outcomes for their clients and to minimise the chances of judicial criticism. It covers: • the ethics of ex parte applications • strategic considerations when dealing with the Home Office in […]

OISC Level 1 Accreditation: Mock exams, Regulations, Ethics and More

Writing write pen paper OISC level 1 training course

This course was last updated in August 2023. Studying to become an OISC Level 1 adviser? Our short online training course includes three bonus online sample exam papers to practise on as well as covering exam preparation, the regulatory scheme and legal ethics. Our three separate 20 question timed multiple choice tests are closely modelled […]

Legal Blogging (Introductory)

This course was last updated in January 2018. A brief look at the elements of a successful legal blog, drawing on Free Movement editor Colin Yeo’s decade of experience. If you are thinking about starting up or taking over a blog, this is essential reading. Colin has made plenty of mistakes along the way and […]

Representing Children in the Immigration Tribunal (Intermediate)

This course was last updated in June 2017. Representing children is easy to do badly, with potentially disastrous consequences. This course explores best practice and novel ways of working with and providing advocacy for children. It includes sections relating to achieving best evidence, preparing for hearings and what to expect at hearings, all with regard […]

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